Parent Visas

If you have children in Australia and would like to lodge an application to travel to, and remain in Australia permanently you may be eligible for a parent visa.

To be eligible to apply for a parent or aged parent classification of visa you must be sponsored by a child that is a settled Australian Citizen, settled Permanent Resident or settled Eligible New Zealand Citizen and ensure that you meet the balance of family test. In addition to the balance of family test you must be of good health and character.

Balance of family

In order to meet the Balance of Family test (BoF) an applicant must have at least half their children living in Australia as Citizens, Permanent Residents or eligible NZ residents or that more of their children live in Australia than any other country. A handy table to see if you meet the BoF test can be found here.

Categories of parent visa

The parent visa programme is split into 2 distinct categories, the standard parent visa and the contributory parent visa.

Parent Visa

The standard parent visa can be lodged onshore if the applicant is over 65 or offshore at any age provided that the applicant meets the criteria. This visa class is subject to annual cap and queuing limits and as such there is a large waiting list for applicants. The waiting list changes frequently dependent upon allocation levels and the number of applicants so it is difficult to predict how long it is, however most estimates predict it will take over 20+ years for an application to be processed.

Contributory Parent Visa

Like the standard parent visa, this application can be made onshore if over 65 or offshore at any age. The contributory parent visa carries a much larger visa application charge (total costs for one applicant would be in excess of $50,000 AUD), however the visa is processed much faster than the standard parent visa. Approximate current processing times are in the region of 2 to 3 years,

If you would like to check your eligibility for this category of visa please complete our online enquiry form and one of our migration agents will contact you to discuss your situation.

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