Open An Australian Bank Account

Open your Australian bank account before you leave home

As one of Australia’s largest banks, National Australia Bank (NAB) provides a full range of financial services to it’s customers across it’s national network of branches and access to your money via more than 3,400 ATMs at no additional charge. Their specialist migrant team provide a personal service that includes account opening before to leave home and a named banker in Australia.

Their service includes:

  • The ability to open an account up to one year before you arrive.
  • No application fees or minimum deposit requirements.
  • Accounts with no monthly account keeping fees, and the opportunity to earn competitive interest with their on-line savings account.
  • A Visa debit card at no additional cost.
  • A named banker in your chosen destination city, who will have you cards ready for you on arrival.
  • Confirmation of your new bank details within 5 business days.

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