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Need to Transfer Money Internationally?

If you need to transfer funds between countries QuickVisas can assist you through Ozforex, one of our affiliate partners. Ozforex is a subsidiary of Macquarie Bank Limited, one of Australia’s leading financial organisations and provides a range of competitive foreign exchange products and services.

QuickVisas can assist you to open an Ozforex account so you can transfer funds between countries within a matter of days.

As a client of QuickVisas you will be provided two free transfers when you open an Ozforex account through our website. To open an account please click on the link below and follow the on screen prompts:

Open an OFX account
Click here to open an OFX account

If you have not yet set up an Australian bank account we can assist you to do this through NAB, one of our affiliate partners. To open an Australian bank account please click on the link below:

Important Information

Many foreign exchange providers will offer “free” transfers, but not disclose that they are taking a huge margin on the transaction (anything up to 10%!). It is important when researching rates and obtaining quotes from foreign exchange companies that you ascertain how good the rate being offered is.

Ensure that you ask what the current “interbank” or “wholesale” rate is when requesting a quote. The further your rate is away from the interbank rate, the worse the offered rate is. To check out the current interbank rates please click on the following link: Interbank Rates

There are several fees that can be involved in a foreign exchange transaction, including telegraphic transfer (or TT) fees, commissions, & bank receiving fees. Be sure to ask which of these will be involved in your transaction when contacting foreign exchange companies.

Live Currency Rates

OFX Foreign Exchange Transfers OFX Foreign Exchange Transfers OFX Foreign Exchange Transfers OFX Foreign Exchange Transfers

Please note QuickVisas receives referral fees and commissions from both Ozforex and Westpac for currency transfers and establishing a bank account in Australia through our website.

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